What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy may address the symptoms of various conditions through the natural function of stem cells to repair tissue. Stem cell therapy strengthens this natural function by transplanting stem cells directly to an area of need within the body.

Does health insurance cover the cost of this procedure?

Currently health insurance in the U.S. does not cover costs associated with American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence’s procedures but we do offer financing options for our patients.

How is Stem Cell Therapy performed?

American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence performs outpatient procedures using a process in which we isolate a patient’s own stem cells from either their adipose fat tissue or bone marrow. No general anesthesia is required (i.e. patients remain awake). We will isolate the patient’s own stem cells from the tissue using a sterile procedure and we will subsequently inject those same stem cells back into the patient. On average, the entire procedure takes 2-3 hours.

When will I begin to see results?

Our procedure involves treating patients with their own adult stem cells, which means each treatment and response is unique to that specific patient. There is no guarantee as to when results will be seen nor how the results will manifest. However, patients typically report that they begin to experience results within the first few weeks and fuller effects are often felt within 3 to 6 months. In the case that the condition being treated is more advanced the patient may notice results over a longer period of time, and it is possible to see results over a 6-12 month timespan depending on the case.

What are the known side effects to adult Stem Cell Therapy?

Side effects tend to be minimal and can include minor pain and irritation at the injection site. Patients may also experience bruising or discomfort from the mini-lipoaspiration or bone marrow aspirate. Patients are typically able to resume normal activities within days of the procedure. Because our treatment uses the patient’s own cells, the chances of immune system rejection are very low. In depth research and testing of adult stem cell therapy is ongoing worldwide and very minimal adverse side effects have been reported.

How long will my recovery take?

Our procedure involves treating patients with their own adult stem cells, and is minimally invasive; most patients are able to walk out within 3 hours. Due to the nature of the procedure, recovery time is quick. It is common for patients to experience soreness for a few days to a week but there are typically no restrictions in regard to resuming normal activities.

Is the procedure FDA-approved?

No it is not; however our procedure falls under the category of physician’s practice of medicine, wherein the physician and patient are free to consider their chosen course of treatment. Our procedure is compliant with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 Part 1271. We meet FDA regulations by providing a same-day procedure done entirely in clinic with the patient’s own cells which are then immediately delivered back to that patient.

Are there any moral or ethical issues regarding these procedures?

At American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence, our procedure uses a patient’s own stem cells that come from their own adipose fat tissue or bone marrow. We do not perform any procedures or conduct any research using embryonic stem cells, which raise ethical issues.