We’re able to treat a variety of symptoms associated with many common neurological, autoimmune, degenerative, and orthopedic conditions using our innovative regenerative therapies.

During your initial consultation at one of our American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence locations, our medical staff determines which therapies are right for you. A review of your medical history and blood work may be necessary to find the best treatment option.


After we’ve found the best regenerative treatment option for you, we let your body get to work. Your own cells are responsible for healing, restoring, and repairing your body.

With our treatments, you’re able to harness your own healing potential. This allows your body to mitigate damage and foster restorative processes more efficiently, promoting healing.


American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence offers minimally-invasive procedures with quick recovery time. You have no restrictions on what you can do post-treatment!

Our entire treatment process is completed with our certified and experienced medical staff in just a few hours.

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